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$1 Domain Names

Category Niche Marketing  Time  7:26 am

Dotster is having a domain name registration “Happy Hour” tomorrow (Feb. 14th) at 4pm Eastern. During that hour you can get a .com/.net/.org name registered for just $1. The trick is that you can’t get more than 1 $1 domain per order. However, you can make unlimited numbers of orders. I only hope Dotster is capable of handeling the high volume of traffic. If they are, then this should indeed be a fun hour.

Note: If you plan on getting some $1 domains you might want to start checking the Dotster website earlier than 4 eastern tomorrow. Although that is their published time to start, 4 doesn’t seem to correlate with their countdown clock on their homepage. Unless I got my timezone calculations wrong, which is possible… According to world clock its 7:30 Eastern right now and their countdown says 1 day 2 hours 30 minutes, does that sound right?

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