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How to Earn Money with Affiliate Links : Niche Designer

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How to Earn Money with Affiliate Links

Category Niche Marketing  Time  7:52 am

Typically the fist and easiest way to monitize AIS or Niche Sites is with Google Adsense. However, It is important to not stop there. There will be days when Adsense goes crazy and there will be keywords that just don’t convert well Adsense-wise. That’s why I believe affiliate links are an integral part in creating niche sites that make money. Here’s how you can optimize affiliate links to generate a big pay-off:

1. Stay on Topic.
If your niche website is about guitars, use guitar, music, sheet music, amps, etc. affiliate links. An affiliate link for home refinancing, no matter how tempting due to its high commission, will probably not give you good results on a site about guitars. Get into your visitor’s mind and figure out what types of links they would be willing and ready to click. The affiliate links don’t have to be exactly what your niche site is about, but they should definately be targeted toward your audience. If your site is about kitchen sinks, you don’t have to just use kitchen sink affiliates, you can also use general home improvement links.

2. Be Specific.
If and whenever possible use affiliate links to link to specific products. Using the kitchen sink site as an example, if you just plastered banners to sites that sell sinks you may get a few sells, but not nearly as many sells as if you wrote reviews to sinks then linked each individual sink to the affiliate product. This makes it easier for your visitor to get to the exact sink they are interested in, and thus makes it easier and more likely for them to buy the sink. I have found this trick to be especially beneficial. I am currently getting roughly 500% more clicks for a specific product link versus a general banner to the affiliate site, and nearlly 95% of my actual sale commisions come from specific product links.

3. Give Them a Reason to Buy.
When people search for products online they usually have decided that they are atleast interested in buying the item. This means you need to give them a reason to stop what they are doing and buy it now with your link. How do you do that? Well I have found special promotions work great for this. Often the companies offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount, or even send out promotional discount codes to affiliates. Let your visitors know that if they buy that sink by clicking on your link they will get 10% off and get free shipping. Sometimes this can be a pain to update as the promotions change, but it’ll be worth it when you get the commission check.

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