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My Google Nightmare

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My fist niche site I built was my Spinning Information site. I got the idea to do it because I take spinning classes, which I love, and in the past I was looking for information and could find no good information online about spinning. So, it’s a topic I actually know about, and care about. I wrote my articles myself, took great care with the site, and was thrilled when google picked it up about 2 weeks after creating it. One of my pages went the front page of google for its keyword, I got great traffic, and great adsense money. But after just a few short days on google’s front page I disappeared. My site was still there when I searched and my results weren’t showing up as supplemental. So I freaked. I used copyscape and removed any slight possibility of duplicate content. (At first I used 2 pages from wikipedia for the “about spinning” section). I also submited a reclusion request to google, hoping that could fix the problem.

Since then my site still isn’t on google. Its on msn, thankfully, and doing “ok.” I know I’ll make atleast $1 a day on it, and usually more like $2, somedays $6 or so. So I can survive without google, but it was soo sweet to have google traffic. I didn’t have to worry, I always knew that I would have a smiling face when looking at my adsense report. I would really like to be back in the google index, and I’m willing to make any changes to the site that are necessary.

Well, today I get an email back from google about my reclusion request. Here is what it said:

Your page has been blocked from our index because it does not meet the qualitystandards necessary to assign accurate PageRank. We cannot comment on the individual reasons your page was removed. However, certain actions such as cloaking, writing text in such a way that it can be seen by search engines but not by users, or setting up pages/links with the sole purpose of fooling search engines may result in permanent removal from our index.

Atleast they responded and now I know what I’m dealing with. But now my problem is – what’s wrong with my site? From the beginning I wanted it to be a truely informational site that is “quality.” I have looked at it and looked at it. No cloaking. I don’t even know how to cloak. All my text is visible. I checked this because sometimes I will do image replacement for my titles or logos, but I didn’t do that here. This is the site in question and more specifcally this page. If anyone else can find anything about my site that they believe would get it blocked from google I would be eternally thankful. Any ideas?

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