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YPN Disappointment

Category Money, Niche Marketing, Reviews  Time  8:43 pm

I was excited when YPN was released because competition is always beneficial for any market. I also thought it would give niche marketers an alternative to Adsense. However, I am feeling utterly disappointed and frustrated with YPN. I started putting YPN on a few sites about a month ago. At first I got RON (“Run of Network”) ads, which was expected for the first 48 hours. A week later a few of my pages were serving quasi-semi-relavent ads… half of the time. Though the majority of my pages were still serving RON ads. I was annoyed, but kept YPN for a while longer just in hope. A month later I have made less than a dollar on YPN. I have read in some YPN reviews that each click, although less in number, generally gives you more money than on adsense, but this was not the case for me. I was getting 10 cent clicks for keywords I usually get 50 cents+ for on Adsense. After becoming so frustrated with one site that was getting huge traffic but no clicks (because of poor relevancy), I switched that one site to Google Adsense. Since switching that site to Adsense I’ve made about $100 on that site alone.

On top of the problem with ad relevancy, there is a user interface issue with YPN. It starts out when I have to log into my account. I have to type out my password every-time. As opposed, on Adsense my computer automatically puts my password into the field so I only have to press “enter.” Then when I am logged in there is no easy summary of my clicks and impressions like on Adsense. In fact I can’t even see what sites have been clicked until the next day. I have yet to figure out how to tell which website served the ad that was clicked. Even getting the ad code is cumbersome and annoying.

Ultimately, I have decided to stop using YPN, for now. Currently it is wasting my time to even test it. I hope that eventually they will make some changes so that they can at least begin to compete with Google. What about your experiences with YPN? Anyone getting good results? Or care to share your frustrations?

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